Put the White Nails Down

(Originally published April 23, 2006)

If you can’t quit smoking because it is the right thing to do for your health, it is the right thing to do for your family, and generally just the right thing to do…then quit for greed. Greenbacks. Kayle. Moolah.

I missed a milestone in my life earlier this week; they happen so often now, I didn’t even notice (JK, I just forgot!). I quit smoking January 14, 2003. I was smoking a little over 3 packs a day, and averaging $10/day spent. If my calculations are right (and even if they’re not right, they are close), I have been smoke-free for 1194 days.

That is $11,940. My mom told me that if I quit smoking, I should treat myself big time.

So I did.

I paid $11,900 for Luna Grace, and she’s given me more in 6 months than 3582 packs of cigarettes over 3 years ever could. Even if you are only a 1 pack a day smoker, that sounds like a week-long cruise to the Caribbean after a year. After 1194 days you could have nearly the best PC money could buy and every worthwhile video game on the market to go with it. You could pay cash for a 53″ flat panel LCD TV. You could buy your fiance over a 1 caret diamond ring.

And I for one think you should do it. Don’t just put the money in the bank. Put the money in your pocket and buy something you really want. Because if you can put those white nails down permanently, you deserve it.


Over the years I’ve written in a lot of places on a lot of topics. From mini-fiction for GM’ing game worlds (Fringewar), to single entry blogs (Thanks For Working Today) to my main blog for our business (Advice and Beans). I had a personal blog I kept from 2005-2007 with more personal writing, political ramblings, finance stuff, but I let it go at some point, I’m not sure why. I did keep a backup file of it in case my girls wanted to see it someday, but what are the odds someone will be a able to load up a 27 year old WordPress file when my girls are 16 in 2030 or so? Some of it is available via the Wayback machine though if you’re diligent! I’ll probably move some of the posts my wife liked best over here; you get to see the early days of our courtship via WordPress.

My impetus for this site is perhaps to leave a tiny legacy for my girls, should I die prematurely. Maybe they’ll be able to glean some of their dad’s crazy through his various writings and websites. Maybe it will demonstrate a bit of my journey from confrontational political single guy to Christ-loving husband and father.

It will also be a place for me to blog about things that interest me, current events my children might like to know about when they’re older, or practice my creative writing.

So if you’re bored and care in the least, have a look around. I have a thick skin, so you can always give an honest opinion.